Website Design and Promotion Services

Services Available:

Setting goals and roadmaps to achieving them.

Website design: page layout, including site organization and navigation.

Content preparation: writing and editing, organizing content and site information architecture

Digital Photography and scanning: From new photography to converting available text. Photo retouching and digital manipulation.

Digital graphics and logos.

Content management and browser based editing solutions for direct client updating.

Search engine promotion, emphasizing a content based approach to achieve good return on investment. Pay per click setup and monitoring to achieve specific goals.

A few things I do not provide:

I do not provide hosting, although I will help you find good hosting and set up a domains for new sites.

I do not do “theme or template based or cheap” sites – they do not work in my experience. With very rare exceptions, a minimum site will be at least 8-10 pages to start, and should grow over time, to be effective. Nor do I have "magic solutions" to bring you lots of web visitors, good traffic is a result of careful analysis of your situation, applying appropriate measures, and monitoring results over time.

How I charge:

I charge a reasonable hourly rate for all work, with an estimate for new websites or site redesign.


All of my clients would be more than happy to talk to you.

Where I work:

Oregon website design is the focus of my work, primarily around Eugene, Oregon and the Willamette valley, but I am available, and will travel when appropriate. Of course web work can be done without regard to distances, but it is nice to meet folks face to face, and may be more efficient in early stages of a project.

Design Philosophy:

With experience comes humility. While I have a thorough knowledge of the history of design, website design, and current web fashions, I don't have a style I work in. I listen, compose solutions that fit the problem, and let the “style” or appearance grow out of that process.

Contact Info:

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