CSS Cascading Style Sheet

Cascading Style Sheets:

The time has come. Enough people use browsers that support CSS (96% basic features) to use for most sites. It can be a little complicated to learn, to set up, to ensure browser support (Netscape 4. -4.7 being the usual problem).

The benefits of CSS:

Improved control of the page layout. CSS allows you to control text size, spacing, line height, in a variety of ways. It allows positioning of blocks of text, control of backgrounds and images, in short, most elements of page appearance

Efficiency. Formatting information is stored in a small text file (you can see the stylesheet for my weblog ) that is downloaded once for all applicable pages. You can have more than one stylesheet per site if required. It is referred to in the page source with a line like <link rel="stylesheet" href="mlw.css" type="text/css"> When the browser reads the page, it checks the stylesheet for how to display it.

The W3C site: http://www.w3.org/Style/CSS/
Webreview.com: http://www.webreview.com/style/index.shtml
Webreference.com: http://www.webreference.com/authoring/style/sheets/

A variety of topics of discussion are raised by CSS, and discussion forums and newsgroups have plenty of information on the pros & cons of each issue.

Tutorials and guides:

Adding a touch of style Dave Raggetts intro to css

Apple Developer: Introduction to CSS Layout

A List Apart - Practical css layout, tips tricks and techniques

RichInStyle.com has a variety of css guides, including a css2 guide, bug tables.

css/edge Some explorations of what is possible with css from Eric Meyer


evolt.org Tables or CSS: Choosing a layout

The Layout Resevoir Bluerobot.com

css-discuss: Practical discussions of CSS and its use An email discusson group.


Font availability on users computers, surveys: Windows, Mac, Unix

font size test page

Font size is a hotly debated issue, because of the complexities of monitors, resolutions, browsers, operating system variables. Specifying a fixed pixel font size is the most consistent across systems, but limits the users ability to resize fonts (especially for the over 40 crowd (me)). Not specifying a base text font is the other alternative, letting the users browser set the size, but this can be problematic for layout and design purposes. Tough question.

CSS Tips and Tricks

Pure css rollovers from Webreference describes a few ways to do rollover links without javascript.

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